Mr. Bill to Serve as Spokesperson for Louisiana Coastal Campaign

With a $14 billion, 30-year restoration plan — potentially the largest public works project in American history — at stake, an educational campaign meant to raise awareness about Louisiana’s eroding coastal marshes has turned to the one voice capable of spanning generations, articulating the scope of the crisis, and generating international attention: Mr. Bill. Yes, the “Saturday Night Live” Play-doh character who routinely gets squashed and says, “Oh, nooooo!” That one. Louisiana has lost more than 1,900 square miles of marsh since 1930, and a restoration plan backed by a coalition that includes everyone from environmentalists to oil executives is currently under review by the White House and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Bill will do his part to boost restoration efforts by appearing in TV commercials with other “Estuarians,” including Salty the Shrimp and Eddy the Eagle. We aren’t making this up.