Comedian Dave Attell wants your number. No, really!

The star of Comedy Central’s Insomniac was at Bonnaroo this year working the air-conditioned comic tent. At a press conference Sunday afternoon, Attell said he’s really here for the hippie girls, and that he likes a vegan girl who can keep him up all night talking about recycling. I laughed as he said it, but doubted whether it were true — so I decided to chat with him afterward and find out for sure.

I liked your joke about the vegan girls … I’m wondering if that’s true, and if so, are you doing anything to reduce your footprint and live more sustainably?

To reduce my footprint — my carbon use, is that what you’re saying? (To be honest, I think this is a great thing you guys are doing. It’s a little crunchy, but it’s a great thing, and it’s way overdue in this country.) I live in New York City. I don’t own a car. And I live in an apartment, and I don’t … what else do I not do? I don’t club baby seals. So I feel like I’m doing a little bit, but I know I could do a lot more.

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And the vegan girls I do like. They’re all very healthy and out there and spinning around to music only they can hear, but let’s face it — I’m old, I’m a drunk, and I don’t know if it’s gonna happen … But if there’s any out there, they should email me.

See? Told you so.

Vegan girls aside, what does Attell think of Bonnaroo?

I do think this festival has become a little too commercialized. I remember years back — you were probably a baby at that point — when you could buy things with a poem or a smile. Hugs were change … what happened to that?

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