Well, folks, my time here at Bonnaroo is coming to a close. Today, I got the chance to chat with head trash-picker-upper Anna of Clean Vibes, Atlanta-based band the Codetalkers, and a number of eco-booth staffers and everyman ‘Roo goers. I also listened in as Bonnie Raitt chatted with Marc Ross of Rock the Earth about her work on social issues. She truly believes in using her music to inspire change — and hopefully her hour-long interview on the Solar Stage will inspire ‘Roo fans to make changes in their own personal lives.

I fly back to Seattle tomorrow, so this’ll be my last night in a tent as well. For now, that is. I might be a convert, y’all! (Pardon the Southern … this is Tennessee after all.)

Keep your eye out for a much more in-depth report from Bonnaroo later this week. ‘Til then, rock on!

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