2018 was the Year of the Woman, so what does that mean for news orgs like Grist in 2019? It’s time to (wo)man up. Before I joined Grist as a senior editor a few months ago, I did my due diligence (AKA Google stalking) to find out more about the people behind the org. I knew enough about Grist to be interested in joining up — nonprofit journalism? Check. Well-researched stories? Check. Commitment to deeply covering a topic that matters? Check check check.

But, to be honest, that’s not really enough for me in today’s media landscape. While journalism schools are dominated by women, national newsrooms (especially at the senior level) tend to be overly dude heavy. And I know too many kickass female writers, editors, managers, and designers to put up with that shiz. To have one half of the population telling the story is to tell no story at all, thankyouverymuch.

Happily, I discovered Grist’s team is chock full of smart, media-savvy women from many different backgrounds. Check this out: There are 36 staff members at Grist, and 64% of us are women! For comparison, industry trends for digital media in 2017 listed only 46% of newsrooms as female, so we are well above this mark (and damn proud of it!!).

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We help power Grist’s art, fundraising, editorial team, and board — just to name a few areas. And rather than declare gender diversity victory, the Grist team is actively talking about how to continue to improve. It’s refreshing to see a news organization that isn’t afraid to confront sensitive issues head on — even within its own ranks. From day one, I was encouraged by the fact that gender, race, and well, identity play a role in both Grist’s hiring practices and environmental coverage.

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I truly believe environmental coverage can’t be about one perspective, whether that relates to gender, race, class, or geography. Even within the important world of climate coverage, I feel like Grist is doing something special. Thank you for your support, and here’s to a more inclusive climate conversation!

In solidarity,

Teresa Chin

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