Live Earth logoRemember how Gore wanted to have the U.S. Live Earth concert in Washington, D.C., on the National Mall? And then Inhofe was all "it’s partisan, you can’t do it, neiner, neiner." And then Gore was all "fine, we’ll have it at Giants Stadium in New Jersey." And then Inhofe was all "fine!" And then they both slammed their doors. Yeah, good times.

Well, now, Gore’s all "Ha, ha, sucka, we worked around your whole ‘partisan’ bullshit, and we’re having a concert on the Mall anyway!"

OK, not really. But sorta. Let me explain:

Al Gore announced Friday a surprise Live Earth concert in Washington …

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The former vice president said the all-day "Mother Earth" concert would be held on the National Mall at the National Museum of the American Indian — about two blocks from the Capitol — as part of Saturday’s concert series focused on climate change. The headliners are Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

Gore says the location is such that the music would be heard at both the Capitol and the White House. (Ha, ha!)

Here’s the backstory on how it went down:

The "Mother Earth" show had been previously planned, but Gore announced Friday that it would be part of the Live Earth series. The concert will also feature films, music, dancing and guest speakers, including scientists and cultural leaders from the American Indian community.

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And here’s the money quote from Gore:

"A couple of the global warming deniers tried to deny it with parliamentary maneuvers," he said. "The cavalry didn’t come riding to the rescue; the American Indians did."

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