Dave Matthews Band Tour Bus Dumps Doo-Doo on Boat Passengers

An alleged environmental infraction by a Dave Matthews Band tour bus left passengers on a Chicago River sightseeing tour boat with a bad taste in their mouths — literally. While on a bridge over the river, the driver apparently emptied the bus’s waste tank with the intent of sending its contents — up to 800 pounds of raw human waste — into the water below. Unfortunately, the tour boat got in the way. The drenched, nauseated, and totally grossed-out boat passengers were promptly ferried back to shore and reimbursed for their tickets. Surveillance cameras helped to identify the bus as one leased by DMB, a group whose progressive, green reputation (they even have a Ben and Jerry’s flavor) may be tarnished by this brown episode. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed suit against the band and driver for violation of state water pollution and public nuisance laws. Said Holly Agra, co-owner of the tour boat, “We don’t want this sticking on us for the rest of our careers.” Ahem.