Back in February, I mentioned that Summer Rayne Oakes was filming a “new, entertaining, environmentally-charged show.” After contacting the eco-fashionista’s PR firm, I was told I would be among the first to get more details. “Yeah, right,” is what I thought to myself. Yet, months later, what do I find in my inbox but a press release:

Big Durian Productions announces the move to sign model and environmental activist Summer Rayne Oakes as one of the hosts for the upbeat, environmentally-charged show, Eco 4 the World. E4W is a multimedia environmental “edutainment” program designed in partnership with the United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP). The quick-paced magazine style segments blend an entertaining selection of celebrities, environmental personalities, politicians and ordinary people making a personal difference. Through each upbeat episode, Summer Rayne and co-host Drew Patterson transition between segments with playful banter and commentary.

Oakes was initially sought out to be one of the interviewees for the show, an introduction that was made possible by Eric Falt, UNEP’s Director of Communications, during San Francisco’s World Environment Day (June 2005).”Eric knew me through my work with the United Nation’s US Partnership,” retells Oakes. “I invited the E4W crew to some of the ecofashion and youth-related events I was helping coordinate, was interviewed the following day, and the team brought up the suggestion of possibly hosting the show. I was both flattered and thrilled to say the least.”

“After reading about her environmental agenda and her strong commitment towards the environment,” says Bjorn Sandin, Chief Operational Officer of Big Durian, “she became a natural choice to host the program.”

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“It’s a cool show with a strong platform,” Oakes comments on E4W. “There is an inherent fun factor to it with a clear international scope. After watching the episodes, it leaves you inspired and refreshed, not jaded or chilled.”

E4W launches this spring throughout a number of multimedia platforms, including TV, internet, and mobile communications. The 13-part series with interviews with people like Sting, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Mikhail Gorbachev, will debut throughout Asia to approximately 530 million signals and initially through Singapore on the 26 April 2006 via MediaCorp, the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore. Subsequent launches throughout the world will be announced at a later date.

Visit for more details. To view more of Summer Rayne’s work, visit

Did you get that? You can host your own TV show if you have an “environmental agenda” and “strong commitment toward the environment”. Where do I sign up?

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You can watch a preview of the show via Google Video.

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