Tears for turtlenecks

Forget melting ice caps, disappearing polar-bear habitat, and rising seas that will inundate major metropolises (metropolii?) worldwide — the real issue I’ve got with global warming is the impending devastation of the fashion industry.

"The whole fashion system will have to change," says Beppe Modenese, called the founding father of Milan Fashion Week. "[It] must adapt to the reality that there is no strong difference between summer and winter anymore."

And what a sad reality it is. Let’s, for a moment, focus on some endangered species that have yet to get their moment in the climate-change-gloom-and-doom spotlight: the tweed pea coat, the knee-high heeled boot, the turtleneck sweater, the hand-knit scarf. Imagine the runways of the world, walked by models in the same lightweight fabrics "season" after season.

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So, for the love of all things warm and woolly, let’s change those light bulbs and leave our cars at home and urge our leaders to make some real changes. The future of fashion diversity is at stake.

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