There are a number of obstacles toward holiday tryptophan: Do you find the perfect heritage bird, hunt a wild turkey, or just get one for free with a grocery-store promotion? Should you brave the overnight brining and four hours of cooking (not to mention the stuffing, glazing, carving, and plating), or should you maybe just heat it up in the microwave?

As the time and options build up, you may ask yourself, is the turkey even worth it?  

Last November I decided to go at Thanksgiving with all the DIY spirit I could muster. That meant turkey hunting, visiting farms, bringing a bird home to my backyard, and introducing it to some elementary school students. Then with my little cousins, killing it, plucking and eviscerating it, and serving it to the family.

The event turned my girlfriend into a vegetarian and made me a little more thankful for the life that we took and the hard work of the farmer and processor. That turkey was worth it.

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