Harvest Dinner, Farm to Table, Farm Dinner, Supper Club — call it what you will, it’s a celebration of seasonal eating with friends and strangers alike.

This video is of a dinner I did last February at Two Pony Gardens, made with 100% Minnesota ingredients (except salt — hey, I did the best I could). Lisa Ringer runs the farm and grows incredible tomatoes and beautiful dahlias during the summer. For this winter feast, her potatoes, onions, and micro-greens had their chance to shine.

Who says you can’t eat local in the Midwest in winter? Here’s my menu:

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Sunfish panna cotta with pancetta and sauerkraut
Cabbage-wrapped game (duck, pheasant, grouse) in duck consomme with duck prosciutto and pickled duck egg
Potato, mushroom and pork tongue pavé with sheeps’ milk ricotta and apple butter
Wild rice with corned elk and venison
Squash tart, grape gastrique, parsnip ice cream

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