Well, it’s Week Two here at Brood Awakenings, and we’re shifting our focus from babies to big kids. I’ll start by elevating this question from last week that got a bit lost in the comments section:

I’d love to hear tips about how to keep kids unwired. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some techonology (hence the blogging), but kids spend so much time playing gameboy, on the computer, listening to iPods, etc. I think a lot of it isn’t because it’s more fun, it’s because everyone else is doing it. “But mom, Jenny’s mom lets her listen to her iPod during dinner.”

I can control, at least to some extent, what my daughter does within our house. But what do I do when she goes to Jenny’s, whose mom lets them spend hours playing video games!

I’d rather not be known as the dragon lady of the neighborhood — so conservative I won’t even let my daughter watch PG-rated movies at the age of 6 (which I won’t!). But I can’t help wanting to see kids riding bikes, playing tag, and climbing trees instead of creating a faux neighborhood on Sims.

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What’s a mom to do?!

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