Cameron, Arnold lead brigade of celeb eco-spokesfolk

What formative experiences led to movie star and galactic hottie Cameron Diaz’s commitment to the environment? “Nothing, dude. Life! Life!” We couldn’t have said it better. Or hotter. Diaz will be bringing her commitment to a new MTV series called Trippin’, debuting tonight, in which she travels around the world to ecological hotspots, toting an entourage of fish-out-of-water celebrities. On upcoming episodes, rapper DMX will go camping in Yellowstone and Diaz boy toy Justin Timberlake will demonstrate his beat-boxing skills to Masai tribe members in Kenya. My god, our brains might explode with the sheer meta-meta-meta-ironic glory of it all! Diaz is not the only celeb trippin’ on the environment. Actors Ed Norton and Matt Damon will each provide narration for upcoming green-themed PBS series. And just yesterday, action movie star — and, wait, this just in … we’re told he’s also governor of California! — Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to demonstrate the wonders of photovoltaic solar panels. Truly, we live in interesting times.