For others who like a multimedia array of news and issues, be sure to check out the Ironweed Film Club, “a monthly progressive film festival on DVD.” Sorta like Netflix, but you get to keep them. And they’ve got a specifically progressive/independent bent, bringing movies and issues to your doorstep that you aren’t likely to come across otherwise.

The film club was started by Adam Werbach, who was elected national president of the Sierra Club at 23 and then went on to found Act Now Productions, which produces a variety of socially-conscious media. The deal is you pay $14.95 each month, and they send you a compilation of between two and five films of varying lengths compiled on one DVD. Less mess, and an opportunity to see shorts that have few other ways of reaching audiences.

This month they’re doing an Earth Day special, featuring Blue Vinyl and Crude Impact.

I know, I know, rent, don’t buy. But a lot of these are films you can’t rent very easily. And if you want to make them greener (and community-building-er), host some in-home screenings with your pals.

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