Live Earth concerts set to rock the world tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow … Gore loves ya, tomorrow. Live Earth, the much-anticipated event dreamed up by the former veep, will rock 7/7/07 with 24 hours of concerts to raise climate awareness. A total audience of some 2 billion will see Jack Johnson in Sydney, The Police reunited in New Joisey, Madonna in London, or the whole shebang via the internet and XM radio. It’s been a long road for Live Earth: a concert in Turkey was called off because of security concerns and lack of local support, U.S. lawmakers put the kibosh on plans for a show at the Capitol, and the free Rio de Janeiro show, expected to draw up to 1 million gawkers, was almost canceled for security reasons. Critics have fumed about the inevitable waste and greenhouse-gas emissions from bringing together high-living artists and eager fans. But renewable electricity, recycling, public transportation, carbon offsets, and other greening will be emphasized, and Gore hopes the events will inspire a global climate crusade. Fingers crossed.