SkooperboxThis week, here at Grist HQ, we got an interesting package in the mail that contained two biodegradable doggie bags. No, not for your leftover takeout … but rather, ahem, for your doggie’s leftovers.

The Skooperbox, which actually looks quite like a takeout box, is apparently made of 100 percent recycled material and is 100 percent biodegradable. This is key because the plastic baggie alternative prevents the compostable organic material from being able to biodegrade.

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I haven’t used this product myself, as I don’t have a doggie of my own to follow around and clean up after — but the instructional video seems to indicate it’s fairly easy to use.

Have any of y’all used the Skooperbox? And if not, what do you do with your doo-doo?

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