We didn’t do much coverage of the L.A. Auto Show, because we don’t have the resources WE CONDEMN THE DECADENT LEMMING CARBURBAN FANTASIA!

But I just read a bunch of stuff about it over on CNet’s CarTech blog, and some of it was quite cool.

Probably the biggest news — something I may devote a post to soon — is Hyundai’s new battery concept: lithium polymer, which Hyundai says is far more robust, performs better, and weighs less than even the most advanced lithium ion batteries. (More on the battery from Autoblog Green.) Here’s a video:

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Here’s a video of the new Honda Insight:

[vodpod id=Video.16183194&w=425&h=350&fv=playerType%3Dembedded%26amp%3Btype%3Did%26amp%3Bvalue%3D50004554]

Here’s some video of the new all-electric Mini:

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In other news, Ford is going to offer a hybrid version of its popular Fusion sedan. Video:

[vodpod id=Video.16183168&w=425&h=350&fv=playerType%3Dembedded%26amp%3Bvalue%3D50004576]

Also, Honda is showing off a concept “21st century supercar” that runs on hydrogen. Expect to see it in your local showroom … never.

Unrelated to the auto show (I think), the CNet dudes also recently test drove the Tesla 1.5. They were impressed.