In an effort to conserve water (and perhaps bolster Southern California’s reputation as a showcase for all things fake), the city of Anaheim, Calif., and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California are pilot-testing faux lawns. If water savings meet expectations, residents who replace real grass with fake greenery could soon be eligible for rebates from the water district. An estimated 40 to 70 percent of water consumed by the average SoCal household goes to outdoor uses, mainly lawn watering. Faux lawns require no water and last for up to 15 years, although at $6-7 per square foot with installation, they don’t come cheap. Fake-grass manufacturers hype the benefits of their products, which need no mowing or reseeding and leave no unsightly dirt or grass marks. “Roll around on your soft, supple, virtual lawn with your kids with no worry of dirt, cinch bugs, or grass stains,” says the AstroLawn website. “We know you have better things to do than water and care for a grass lawn.”