The eco-revolution will not be televised. This time, it’s on the web in the form of a sleek new web browser at If you want to keep tabs on the latest green scene while staying caught up on whatever your friends are doing, then the Flock Eco browser is all you need.

Based on the Mozilla/Firefox setup, Flock allows you to be logged into all your social networks at once — Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, etc. — while at the same time collecting your fave green media and RSS feeds in one place.

Because Grist is partnering with Flock (lucky you!), when you click through from our site, you can get an eco-version of the browser that comes preloaded with Grist as the default homepage and six Grist feeds ready to whet your green appetite for climate, energy, news, food, elections, and celebs. The way I see it, this should make your productivity level either skyrocket or plummet. Sorry, Grist — don’t blame me if I can’t get anything done after downloading this.

Another perk of Flock is that you can easily drag’n’drop photos, videos, and links from the web to share with your friends, whom the browser has conveniently loaded into the sidebar for you. See a Grist story too good to keep to yourself? Let all your peeps know about it without having to log into each social network. Flock’s chock full o’ features to appease the eager blogger, news junkie, and shutterbug. It allows you to manage and monitor your social life all from one browser with a streamlined efficiency that would make even Energy Star jealous.

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You can also use it to enjoy other Flock Eco-Edition partners: Ecorazzi, Treehugger, Groovy Green, and Alltop. Plus, get more preloaded green feeds from sites like Worldchanging, National Geographic, WWF, and Think MTV. It’s enough to make an eco-chic geek salivate all over her keyboard. And can I just say that I love the little recycling symbol that is the refresh button?

So don’t be shy; check it out and join the Flock.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.