After seven concerts on seven continents on 7/7/07, Live Earth has downsized (you may have noticed that 8/8/08 passed by with nary a warble). On Thursday, organizers Al Gore and Kevin Wall announced plans for a Dec. 7 Live Earth concert in Mumbai, India. The show will feature “some of the biggest artists from India to the U.S. and beyond,” says Wall. Jon Bon Jovi and Bollywood star Amitabh Bachman are already signed on. Organizers will aim to minimize waste, recycle as much as possible, and employ Indian companies for lighting, staging, and video. Proceeds will go to charities that aim to both solve the climate crisis and address poverty. In addition, says Gore, “We are asking respectfully that India considers meeting the following challenge: that within 10 years, all new electricity generation will come from renewable sources.” OK, but only if Jon-Bon plays “Livin’ on a Prayer.”