An Inconvenient Truth wins Oscars, Al Gore wins affection

Rock star. Superhero. Visionary. That pre-Oscar hype paled next to last night’s event, which saw Al Gore — looking blissfully bloated in a Ralph Lauren tux — take home an award for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song. OK, technically the Goracle himself didn’t win either of the statuettes for An Inconvenient Truth, but you wouldn’t know it from the on-stage spectacle. “All of us who made this film … did so because we were moved to act by this man,” said Truth director Davis Guggenheim, before handing his Oscar to Gore, who called on the people of the world to solve the climate crisis. Later, singer Melissa Etheridge licked Dreamgirls, then praised Gore “for showing that caring about the earth is not … red or blue. We are all green.” Gore had also spent an earlier moment in the sun when he and Leonardo DiCaprio waltzed onstage to announce that the Oscars had officially gone green, then spoofed the will-he-or-won’t-he political swirl. He won’t. But maybe he should.