Navistar Introduces the Commercial Extreme Truck

For the driver who enjoys his or her Hummer H2 pickup but just wishes it were a little bigger, a little less fuel-efficient, and a little more obnoxious, the answer has arrived: This week Navistar International introduces the CXT, short for commercial extreme truck. The CXT is 21.5 feet long (4.5 feet longer than the Hummer!) and nine feet tall (more than two feet taller than the Hummer!). It weighs seven tons empty, gets six to 10 miles per gallon of diesel gas, and will cost between $93,000 and $115,000. “We can see it as a vehicle for businesspeople who want to make a distinct impression,” said a Navistar spokesflack. “For personal use, it’s for people who want to make a statement.” That statement? “Won’t someone please, please love me and make me feel safe?”