Sales of organic turkeys and Tofurky on the rise

The organic turkey is the new Prius. If you’re planning to carve one up for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal, you’re riding the latest wave of eco-chic. Organic turkey sales at Whole Foods Market have doubled this year, the upscale natural-foods chain reports. And that’s building on impressive gains across the market last year: “In 2003, organic poultry, which would include turkey, sales grew 112 percent,” said Holly Given of the Organic Trade Association. “They are so tasty. There is definitely a difference,” said Mary Ebright, who bought an all-natural turkey on Tuesday in South Lake Tahoe. And for those who prefer to chow lower on the food chain, there’s always Tofurky. Manufacturer Turtle Island Foods this year expects to sell 160,000 Tofurky Feasts, which include a meatless “roast,” gravy with tofu “giblets,” and other trimmings. Bon appetit!