Fisker Automotive is taking orders for its $80,000 (only $1,000 down!) “4-door plug-in hybrid sports sedan”:


The specs released so far (PDF) are:

Performance details for the first car are impressive achieving 50 miles (80 kilometers) on a pure electric charge [sic]. Additionally, by further utilizing a gasoline or diesel engine offered by Fisker, one can extend the total range of their Fisker to more than 620 miles (1000 kilometers). The first Fisker will also deliver an extraordinary 100 miles per gallon — performance figures that will ultimately help to reduce the need for the importation of foreign oil.

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Delivery will be in 2010, unless you drop $100,000 — and heck, it’s only $5,000 down — for one of the first 100 in the “signature edition.” Then you’ll get it in Q4, 2009, “with exclusive show car package (final details to be revealed after Detroit launch, Jan. 2008).” The customer registration form is here.

Tip o’ the hat to Plug-in Partners, whose post on the car also discusses some other plug-ins that may soon be in showrooms around the globe.

Note to readers: This blog post should not be taken as an endorsement of any product or company, particularly one that has not offered me a discount or even a test drive — hint, hint.

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