Showtime’s semi-hit show Weeds is about Nancy Botwin, a suburban stay-at-home mother of two boys who, after the death of her husband, turns to selling marijuana to make ends meet. Soon she starts growing too.

I’m in the midst of watching the second season. With some partners, Nancy’s just developed a new strain (dubbed "MILF weed" by Snoop Dogg himself) and started selling it. Cash is pouring in, so Nancy goes on a shopping spree. Here’s a short clip of what it looks like:

Then she pulls in her driveway and accidentally runs over her son Shane’s remote-control car. The following conversation ensues:

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Nancy: Shane, what’s wrong?

Shane: You totaled my car.

N: Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. I’m not used to driving this low to the ground.

S: Did you total your car too?

N: What? No, the lease was up, I just bought this. Isn’t it cute?

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S: No. It’s crappy and small.

N: It’s environmentally responsible.

S: I liked the Range Rover.

N: The Range Rover was obnoxious. There’s global warming. Unless you want the planet to dissolve into one big ocean …

S: Global warming’s just God’s will. I liked the Range Rover. This car is gay.

N: Don’t be ignorant just because it’s in right now. Think about the planet for a change.

S: Where did you get all this stuff?

N: Mommy decided to buy herself a few things.

S: A lot of things.

N: Yes, a lot of things, I work hard and I deserve them.

S: What work?

N: I run a family.

S: Did you buy me anything?

N: No, do you really think you deserve anything after what you did today?

S: What’d I do?

N: You called Celia Hodes a drunk. I got another call from my dear old friend Principal Dodge. I think I’m on his speed dial.

S: I was making a point. She’s trying to make Agrestic a drug free zone. I think drugs should be legal.

N: Why?

S: Because. So … no one gets in trouble.

N: Nobody’s gonna get in trouble, OK? Buy yourself a new car.

S: Awesome.

N: Help me bring these bags in the house and let’s go see a movie.

S: Really, what movie?

N: Uh, how about the Al Gore one with the total destruction of the planet? The coming environmental apocalypse.

S: Cool.

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