Scientists estimate that we’ve already raised global temperatures by one degree Fahrenheit with our hapless spewing of greenhouse gases, and another one or two degrees are pretty much inevitable no matter what we do. Unstable weather, droughts, floods, and rising oceans are the likely result. We’re in the midst of the sixth great extinction, with perhaps half of extant species thought to be on their way out. Fresh water is disappearing around the globe and deserts are expanding. The world’s two most populous countries, China and India, are industrializing at warp speed. Toxic pollutants have contaminated even the most remote and undeveloped regions of the planet.

You can change the world — one organic Cheeze Puff at a time.

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This Earth Day, here’s what you can do to turn it all around!



Next time you’re shopping for Cheeze Puffs to eat while you watch Desperate Housewives, choose organic.



Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.


Inflate your car tires to their proper pressure. If you and the other 136,000,000 or so automobile owners in the U.S. do so, we won’t need Arctic Refuge oil for almost two more years!




Sign an internet petition. Any of them will do. After all, change is built one form letter at a time.




When you visit a public bathroom and wash your hands, dry them with the blow dryer instead of paper towels. Of course, who knows who’s touched that thing, so maybe just grab one paper towel to keep between your hand and the button. And another to open the bathroom door (ew!).




On Earth Day, ride your bike to work. See you out there next year!




When you buy your next six-pack of Diet Coke, don’t forget to snip the little plastic rings. Think of the baby rats at the landfill.




Pick your favorite endangered species and write a short poem about it. Put it up on the bulletin board of your local co-op. Each one teach one!




Distinguish real environmentalists from fakers. In the office, at church, out with friends, or on Grist‘s blog, if you hear opinions that don’t adhere to eco-gospel, stop, drop, and cajole. Remember, being green means you already know the truth!




Skip a shower. And encourage a friend to recycle. But not in that order.




Spread the word. Put an “Every Day Is Earth Day” bumper sticker on your car and drive around town!