Story of tree-sitting activist Julia Butterfly Hill headed to big screen

Celebrated activist Julia Butterfly Hill, author of the memoir “The Legacy of Luna,” is heading for the bright lights (and sudden fame, subsequent substance abuse, rehab, appearance on “The Surreal Life,” and rehabilitation by hot indie filmmaker) of Hollywood. Hill, you may recall, protested Pacific Lumber’s plans to log in a California redwood forest by sitting in a tree, nicknamed Luna, for just over two years. And what could make for hotter cinematic action than sitting in a tree? The story was optioned by the Baldwin Entertainment Group, which plans to film it on an eco-friendly set. Oscar-winning scribe David S. Ward is writing the script, which will feature a beautiful, skinny, well-kempt Hill in a steamy, forbidden love affair across cultural lines with a hunky, smoldering California logger, who wards off a band of international ninjas bent on Hill’s destruction. No, we kid. She’ll probably just be sitting in the tree.