Britain’s favorite topless model is the latest eco-spokesperson

Lots of climate and energy news today, so here’s some Friday frippery. How excited do you think Guy Adams of The Independent was when his editor told him to interview Keeley Hazell about her green principles? Hazell, well known in Britain as a winsome Page Three girl (that’s British for “nudie newspaper model”), posed last year slathered in green paint, alongside several tips for green living. As a result, she was named on Tory leader David Cameron’s Christmas list of eco-heroes. Now The Independent is all over the follow-up story, giving Adams a chance to find out how green this model — whose “assets perk up The Sun once a fortnight” — really is. Seems the 20-year-old’s green habits include buying organic, lighting her flat with candles and energy-saving bulbs, riding a scooter, recycling, and not getting breast implants. Swear to god! As Adams writes, “If the green lobby is to work, it must be a broad church … if it can conquer Page Three it can probably conquer anything.”