If you’re a super-hip journalist with awesome connections and a sweet gig, you’re spending a cush week writing about the Sundance Film Festival from snow- and celeb-covered Park City, Utah.

If you’re me, you’re sitting in front of a computer screen in an office building in Seattle reading about all the super-hip journalists with the awesome connections spending a cush week at Sundance. (Not. Bitter.)

As in past years, Sundance this year will feature several green-themed films — including the Three Gorges Dam-focused Up the Yangtze, which was recently picked up by Zeitgeist Films — as well as other green(ish)-themed events. And, like this guy, I don’t use that “ish” lightly:

You fly in from around the world, drive your rental Escalade up into an ecologically sensitive canyon, tripling the size of a tiny town and gridlocking its roads. You send a FedEx fleet worth of swag in from L.A., drink your Starbucks lattes out of disposable cups, cover the town in postcards and fliers … It’s hard to describe the Sundance Film Fest as an environmentally friendly event.

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Word. Still, it’s hard to be mad at a festival featuring Isabella Rossellini dressed up as a horny bug.

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