America’s obsession with large men in tight tights reaches its peak at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Arizona. And, as promised, organizers will equal last year’s efforts and do some greening: Enough renewable-energy credits will be purchased to power the stadium, the adjacent NFL theme park, and two nearby luxury hotels. The NFL will plant thousands of trees in fire-ravaged Arizona forests in an effort to offset the league’s 3,000-vehicle ground-transportation fleet. In addition, legendary sports agent Leigh Steinberg’s celeb-studded 22nd annual Super Bowl Party — to which you were not invited — will aim to be zero-waste and feature electronics recycling. And while neither team will be playing at home, let’s not forget one potential sobering effect of climate change, says Nathan Willcox of Environment America: “Congress must get serious about global warming before rising temperatures fumble away cold-weather teams’ home field advantage.” We’ll guzzle beer to that.