Spice Girls reunion tour will be — gasp — carbon-intensive

We’ve been looking for an excuse to mention the Spice Girls reunion since it was announced two weeks ago, and we’ve finally got one. It seems that — brace yourself — the group’s world tour will not be eco-friendly. In fact, each Girl will get a private Lear jet for the 11-show tour, which starts in December and covers ground from Los Angeles to Madrid to Buenos Aires. According to Alex Lambie, who runs a London-based website that helps consumers compare energy options, the combined flights will churn out nearly 10,500 tons of carbon dioxide. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to limit the damage we’re doing to our planet,” he says. “But clearly, some celebrities feel they don’t count.” An Australian paper sniped, “Clearly, Girl Power does not come in green.” And one disillusioned fan said, “When you have concerts like Live Earth encouraging us all to be green, you get the Spice Girls pulling a stunt like this. Just who do they think they are?” Um, they’re PoshSportyScaryBabyGinger. Zigazig ah!