1. Nature as Ritalin

    A small-but-growing body of research shows that exposure to nature can reduce the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. For calming your crazed kids, “outside” is the new TV.

  2. The Twike

    Photo: FINE Mobile GmbH.

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    Is it a small car? A motorcycle? A bike? We don’t care, we just heart this little two-seater commute-mobile. Good luck getting one — but if you can, you’ll be the talk of your town … at least until you’re run over by a Hummer.

  3. Rollin’ with sol

    Photo: Stefano Paltera/North American Solar Challenge.

    Congratulations to the University of Michigan team (go Blue!), which designed, built, and raced the winning solar-powered car in the 2,500-mile, 11-day, cross-country North American Solar Challenge. But with no need for gas stations, how did they time their pee breaks?

  4. Parking power

    Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

    Photo: Kyocera Corporation.

    We got no love for parking lots, but if you have one, you might as well cover it with huge solar-power modules that shade cars while producing power. That’s what Kyocera did with oddly tranquil-sounding “Solar Grove.”

  5. Energy bill bashing

    Photo: White House/Eric Draper.

    Liberal? Conservative? Socialist? Libertarian? Green? Across the political spectrum, everybody (well, almost everybody) agrees: that new energy bill sux, yo!

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