1. Heart your engines

    Tired of pretty-boy actors flashing their newfangled wheels? Here’s something grittier: hybrids may be coming to a Formula One track near you. It makes sense, says one rep, since “Formula One is all about efficiency.” Well, that and the fiery crashes.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

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  2. All the smews that’s fit to print

    Some words are just fun to say, like “dungarees” and “besmirch.” Now you can add “smencils” to that list. (Go on, say it out loud.) As if their 10 “gourmet scents” aren’t giddifying enough, these pimp-lements are made from recycled newspaper. Smencils!

    Image: The Smencil Co.

  3. That hockey hullabaloo

    There are those who say the best thing about hockey is blood bouncing on the ice. Um, OK. But surely the second-best is the Save Hockey: Fight Climate Change campaign, which is enlisting puckers worldwide to keep winter cold. Fistfight!

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    Photo: iStockphoto.

  4. Why don’t we do it in the road

    Now this is what we call urban planning: a frustrated Brit is gaining a rep making bizarro traffic-calming devices, like an 11-foot-tall bunny and a living-room replica. Ted Dewan hopes the tactics will give “petro-bigots” pause. Can we add petro-bigots to that smencils list?

    © Ted Dewan.

  5. Youth is wasted on … oh, wait

    Three cheers for da yoots who’ve come from all over the world to Montreal’s climate conference to observe, participate, and protest. Check out the yootblog, It’s Getting Hot In Here. Now take off all your clothes — er, get in on the action.

    Image: It’s Getting Hot In Here.

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