1. No business like Liz business

    No matter how wholesome Elizabeth Hurley’s organic baby food turns out to be, it can’t make up for the cruelty of denying her child the opportunity to breast-feed. What? Why are you looking at us like that?

  2. Is that organic spandex?

    Research indicates that exercising makes you smarter and that exposure to nature makes you happier. Conclusion? Drag your dumpy, depressed, dimwitted ass off the couch and get to a green gym, where you can get fit while improving the environment.

  3. Incredibly Tiny: The new Way Too Big

    A new “subtractive design” movement is under way, as pioneers of puny move into 70-square-foot houses and design eensy, cute-looking cars that can move comfortably among pedestrians. We think American consumers are gonna love this!

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    Photo: Sascha Kletzsch.

  4. Portland is much cooler than wherever you live

    Sure, some greens have taken their homes “off the grid” — but how about a whole urban district? That’s the aspiration for Lloyd Crossing, a 35-block section of Portland, Ore., that seeks to generate most of its own power, collect most of its own water, and mitigate most of its CO2 emissions by 2050.

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    Photo: Mithun.

  5. Objectification even a feminist could love

    If recent surveys are correct, people don’t really know much about … people. To help, some Swedes are offering themselves for check-out at a “Living Library” (no word on late fees) and some Brits recently put themselves on display in a human exhibit at the London Zoo (don’t feed ’em!).

    Photo: Zoological Society of London.