1. Give ’em the boot, Syd

    Ben Affleck and his adorable much-better half (alias Bennifer 2.0) will garner attention this weekend campaigning together for Defenders of Wildlife as the group seeks to unseat eco-hata Dick Pombo. Wake us when it’s over.

    Photo: Avik Gilboa / WireImage.com

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  2. Insane in the Maine-brain

    Exhibiting wicked cunnin’ judgment, the manager of two Maine TV stations has put the kibosh on global-warming reporting, saying the issue is non-local, too political, and scientifically inconclusive. Also, the crying polar bears make him squirm.

    Photo: iStockphoto

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  3. Sweet relief

    Normally we wouldn’t go see a film about a mail-order bride in Minnesota who finds love in the arms of a rugged farmer — because, honey, been there done him that. But Sweet Land gets high marks for offsetting the 8,000 tons of carbon emitted during the film’s production. Critics rave, “Tender and touching!” Oh yes, he was.

  4. Same shirt, different day

    A Swedish company that sends out news silk-screened onto cotton has devoted its latest edition to global warming. “Your blissful days of denial have come to an end,” T-post tells its “subscribers.” And our blissful days have ended too, now that we’ve seen this. Our eyes! Our virgin eyes!

    Photo: Knotan

  5. Let there be light-related gizmos

    The Swedes strike again! The Power Aware electrical cord shows you how much energy you’re wasting using. The more you suck use, the brighter and pulsier this thing gets. Which we can’t say is much of a deterrent. We’re easily distracted by … Oh look! Something shiny!

    Photo: Static!