1. Goodbye, gruel world

    A visionary pack of vegans plans to buy an island paradise where they can escape this mixed-up world. Among their requirements: low taxes, no zoning restrictions, and plenty of freedom to ask fellow beachgoers, “Is that a cucumber in your Speedo?”

  2. Stand up and be discounted

    From the world of weird protests: Canadian anti-sewage-dumping activist Mr. Floatie recently got flushed from a mayoral ballot. Two naked women got plucky outside a Hong Kong KFC. And a U.K.-based company unveiled a machine that broadcasts the text-messaged protests of “armchair activists.” Hell no — we really won’t go.

    Photo: P.O.O.P.

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  3. While my cigar gently weeps

    New green tours at Bill Clinton’s presidential library highlight the LEED-certified building’s eco-friendly features, from bamboo floors to bike racks to solar panels. And to think we used to question his commitment to the environment. Excuse us while we go cry in the corner.

  4. Arch you surprised?

    After coming clean about beef-fat fries, it looks like there’s no going back for McDonald’s: starting this month, the Mac Daddy of fast food will serve fair-trade, organic coffee in 658 New England and New York locations. Can free-range beef be far behind?

    Photo: McDonald’s.

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  5. I’ve haddock with you

    Responding to customer concerns, a California company will begin marketing “low-mercury” fish in select grocery stores early next year. So this is what it’s come down to … hey, have you tried that “low-flu chicken” yet? It’s to die for.

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