1. It’s a green thing

    It’s almost Easter, and you know what that means — a bunny dyed on a cross. Or something like that. For Sunday’s festivities, color your eggs naturally, the jailbird Martha Stewart way. They’re sure to be crazy-popular — or so says our insider tipster.

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  2. Death becomes you

    One day you’ll be pushin’ up parsley. Kicking the oxygen habit. Immortally challenged. But “ashes to ashes” is so last week. Ashes to pencils and bird feeders and Keith Richards’ drug habit is more like it.

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  3. Miller time

    Sienna Miller has put aside her trouble with the Law to focus on helping kick off a global warming film contest with Global Cool. We just wish she’d kick off those leggings.

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    Photo: Jamie McCarthy / WireImage.com

  4. Making Trax

    Recognizing that decision-making is perhaps not its forte, General Motors is soliciting the opinions of the public for its upcoming mini-cars. Whaddya think: the Beat, the Groove, or the Trax? We vote for: The Bike.

    Photo: GM

  5. We don’t think you’re ready for this jellyfish

    Filming on Fool’s Gold was halted last week in Australia when scientists spotted deadly jellyfish in suspiciously warm waters. Star Matthew McConaughey, who maintains a staunch anti-shirt policy, was especially at risk. In other marine news, just follow these steps: 1. Cut a hole in a box, 2. Put Lloyd in that box

    Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage.com