1. View unto others

    A group called Inconvenient Christians (best! name! ever!) is offering “committed, Bible-believing” peeps free tix to Al Gore’s movie. In return, Truth-seekers agree to post mini-reviews on the group’s site — and to shut up about The Da Vinci Code already.

  2. Weather or not

    China to scientists: Stop carrying out fraudulent research. If you don’t, we will publicly shame you. Seriously. Except for you, guy who says we can keep the Olympics dry by shooting rain clouds. You’re OK.

    Photo: Jorge Villalobos.

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  3. Now that’s wind power

    While the U.S. Postal Service brags that America is the awesomest, New Zealand’s pushing the envelope: its newest stamps tout renewable energy in the form of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biogas. Oh, and ass fat.

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  4. Witless is as witless does

    What can you say about a new off-Broadway play that tackles hog farming, sustainability, the EPA, and federal subsidies? Weeeeell, you could say it’s stultifying, sophomoric, dopey, and witless. Or you could just say bravo.

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    Photo: iStockphoto.

  5. One sport to rule them all

    We continue to shamelessly heart Europe, where this week’s World Cup semifinals doubled as a battle over a protected species. How you like our noodles now, you Bavarian bear-killers?

    Photo: iStockphoto.