1. The booby/baby dilemma

    Celebs. How they confound us. One minute you hear that Britney is willing to leave her breasts bare for … well, anything, but in this case a hurricane recovery fund. Next minute you hear that TomKat is contributing to overpopulation. Do we love and mock them? Hate and mock them? Vexing.

  2. Earth to humans: drink beer

    Beer, however, inspires no conflicting feelings. Only love! Organic Clean Water Ale from the Fish Brewing Co. is just the latest do-gooder green brew. New Belgium Brewing Co. is wind-powered. Leopold Brothers aims for “zero waste.” We’re drunk. Everybody wins.

  3. Pivo’d off

    You couldn’t swing a dead cat on the internet this week without … wait, how would that work? Anyhoo, Nissan made big waves on the interwebs with the introduction of its Pivo concept car, a bulbous electric wonder with a cabin that rotates 360 degrees. But really, we’re in no shape to drive.

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    Photo: Nissan.

  4. Son of a ditch

    Think you can’t live without those 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets? Talk to Hugh Sawyer — known to his friends as Ditch Monkey — who took downsizing to a new level by, uh, living in a ditch in the forest (ditchsizing!) to raise dough for a woodland trust, all while maintaining his 9-to-5 job and natty appearance.

  5. Bawk, bawk, bawk, BoKlok!

    Modular, small-scale, eco-friendly houses with standardized parts that can fit into flat packing containers: hotter than TomKat! So hot that IKEA’s going to start selling the BoKlok flatpack houseat least in Scotland. Now the Scots can get their houses and their meatballs at the same establishment. Color us jealous.

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