1. Oh arrrrre they?

    Ahoy! Cap’n Marie Jailbait and Ironic Sal be impressed by the gumption of these swashbuckling eco-pirates. We hoist a pint o’ grog to ye, mateys!

    Photo: iStockphoto

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  2. Want to suck my pickle?

    Thought: When your own website wonders whether your product is “one of those crazy ideas that should have died a quick and horrible death right from the beginning,” maybe that should tell you something.

    Photo: Bobspicklepops.com

  3. Put that in your pants and jacket

    This DIY Puffy Coat combines the fashion of the down jacket, the good karma of picking up after litterbugs, and the enticing opportunity to smell like garbage. And all for only $99.

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    Photo: Merrell

  4. Planeteers in heaven

    Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Captain Planet, he’s our hero — but by our powers combined, we’ve taken rumors of an upcoming movie down to zero. Reduce, reuse, re-check your facts.

  5. Brought to you by SarahGirl and SarahGirl

    There’s a right way to do an eco-themed song parody (see: Jenny Owens Young) and a wrong way (see: EkoBoys). Wait, the ode of IngeBoy, MartyBoy, E-LBoy, and CalleBoy isn’t meant to be a parody? Awkward!

    Photo: Jennyowenyoungs.com

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