1. If you’re going to starve yourself skinny, why not go vegan?

    Call us crazy, but maybe a bevy of bone-thin women swaying listlessly on stage is not the best advertisement for a vegan diet (our first thought: woah, somebody needs a hamburger!). Memo to Vegan Vixens: show Americans they can be fat and lazy and vegan. Then you’ll start to see some interest.

    Photo: VeganVixens.org

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  2. Putting the hog in hedgehog

    After considerable prodding from animal lovers in the U.K., McDonald’s has announced its McFlurry packaging is now hedgehog-friendly. Yes, hedgehog-friendly. Seems the spiky critters were getting stuck slurping leftovers from littered containers, so the fast-food chain has developed smaller lid openings. Meanwhile, millions of cows continue to be slaughtered to make Big Macs. But whatevs.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  3. National Pot Service

    For Mexican drug cartels, the grass is greener on public lands. Federal officials recently discovered more than 22,000 marijuana plants in and around Point Reyes National Seashore near the Bay Area. The weed whackers say heavy use of pesticides and fertilizer in the area could mean the stash will have long-lasting effects … on the environment, that is.

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Even scarier than a slideshow

    A new eco-horror flick premiering in Toronto next week tracks eight men building oil rigs in Alaska’s Arctic Refuge. The film climaxes with a showdown between the group’s pro-oil and environmentalist leaders after “a slow descent into an unknowable fear.” Good thing it’s fictional!

    Photo: Glass Eye Pix

  5. Being drunk; being virtuous — two great tastes that taste great together!

    Turns out every time Grist List mentions a purveyor of organic spirits, samples of said spirits show up on our doorstep. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce Square One, the world’s first certified organic vodka. Here’s where you can get it. Now we’re headed out to buy some OJ and cran.

    Photo: Square One Organic Spirits

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