1. Eco-panties

    The world’s fascination with panties dates back to, oh, probably whenever panties were invented. At U.K.-based GreenKnickers.org, they make them from organic materials or oddball secondhand dresses. You got your eco, you got your panties — what’s not to like?

  2. Like Grizzly Adams, but crazy

    Photo: Timothy Treadwell.

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    Self-proclaimed “kind warrior” Timothy Treadwell lived for 13 years among Alaska’s grizzly bears, totally unarmed, filming himself, befriending the bears, and going slightly nuts. Then they ate him. The documentary Grizzly Man opens Friday.

  3. I love to ride my biii-cycle

    Hey, did you know there’s been an outbreak of eco-consciousness leading to a record year for bike sales in the U.S., totaling more than car and truck sales combined? Oh, what’s that you say? Lance who?

  4. Meatballs in good conscience

    Photo: Lars Sundström.

    Saying you visit Ikea for the food is like saying you read Playboy for the stories. But we heart the Scandi-scrumptious fare, and a good thing just got even better, as the mega-retailer’s cafes are going organic.

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  5. PledgeBank.com

    Motivated to change the world but afraid to go it alone? This clever site lets you proclaim your good intentions — but postpone them ’til a set number of people join in. For instance, “I’ll donate to Grist if 50 other people will too.” Just to pick something out of a hat.