1. Bring homies the Bacon

    We interviewed Stone Gossard, who was in Singles with Campbell Scott, who was in Loverboy with Kevin Bacon. So we’ll give you the third degree: Check out Kev’s new site SixDegrees.org to see which causes the stars are supportin’ these days and chip in some change of your own.

    Photo: Jeff Vespa / WireImage.com

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  2. Diesel blow your … mind

    Are you global warming ready? Jeans-maker Diesel is — with a new ad campaign depicting life in a climate-changed world. Hey, if global warming makes everyone this hot, we’re totally on board. Check out those … um … jeans.

    Image: CNW Group

  3. Crude and unusual

    We’re all for supporting oil suppliers that don’t support terrorism. But a completely terror-free gas station? You’d have to do something about those pump prices first.

  4. Car-hacking

    You know the environmental movement has caught on when even the most unscrupulous among us are trying to get their hands on anti-pollution devices.

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    Photo: iStockphoto

  5. Bounce wit me

    Philly ‘zens may soon be strutting on sidewalks made from recycled tire rubber. Says one city councildude, they’ll last longer than concrete but sadly won’t create moonwalk-like bouncitude for pedestrians. OK, but what about our beer?

    Photo: iStockphoto