1. Besides, plastic totally clashes with your outfit

    Paper or plastic? As if. BYOB is tote-ally hip: this burlap FEED sack recently made its way to NYC’s Fashion Week on the shoulder of Lauren Bush (yes, that Bush). And even waifish Keira Knightley can carry the I’m Not a Plastic Bag bag.

    Photo: We Are What We Do

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  2. Let’s talk about sex

    Sustainability is sexy. And sex is sustainable. For some people, anyway.

    Photo: Kate Sheppard

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  3. Elle‘s belle

    Dear Rachel McAdams, we had no idea you were such a celebrimentalist. You biked to your Elle interview? In a dress made of soy? To talk about green reef burials and buying your father a composter? Be still our hearts. Even if we had an opinion on your pink-streaked hair and its relative lusciousity, we certainly wouldn’t mention it.

  4. Gym dandy

    Sporting wood at the gym is about as socially acceptable as pulling an Elaine in the sauna room. Unless, of course, you’re pining after g=9.8’s sportywear made from eco-friendly recycled wood fibers. It’s hot enough to keep your fellow runners going long after the lights go out.

    Photo: Milomir Kovacevic

  5. Talk about energy conservation

    It’s official: you can drink beer and save the world. And thanks to this dude, you don’t even have to get off the couch to do it.