1. What can beige do for you?

    This poor albino penguin has no luck with the birds; but he’s got brothas in the Beige Brigade, a Kiwi cricket club whose tastes lie beyond the pale. Aw, the li’l fluffball finally found some mates.

    Photo: The Beige Brigade

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  2. The kids on the bus go melt, melt, melt

    Got a giant butter school-bus sculpture you don’t know what to do with? (Who doesn’t?) Penn State’s got the solution: Melt it down and stick it in your tank. If only all kids were that easy to deal with.

    Photo: pwbaker via flickr

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  3. Sven will we be loved?

    The sexy Swedes are using human hotness to warm an office building. So if it’s always freezing in our office, does that mean … sigh.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Telly like it is

    We’ve got one more New Year’s resolution — to seek sustainability through laziness in 2008. We’ll watch lots of Green Porno on our Eco TV, and not leave the house ’til Knut hits the big screen.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  5. An Austrian went yam-eling

    The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra is just what it sounds like: an ensemble that toodles away on carrot flutes, pumpkin basses, and cucumberophones. Because actually eating veggies is for skinny bitches.

    Photo: Vienna Vegetable Orchestra