1. Pimp my ride

    Before Seattle hustled to rename its brand-new streetcar, the city was all set with acronyms: the Experience Music Project (EMP), the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), and the South Lake Union Trolley. Ahem.

    Photo courtesy Kapow Coffee

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  2. Rhino, no, no

    We appreciate the sentiment, Santa — really, we do — but if this is what you have in mind for us this year, we’d really rather you picked up a fruitcake or something.

  3. The tax of life

    Breaking up is hard to do — and turns out, it’s no good for the planet either. Staying together? Just remember: Parenthood can be taxing.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  4. Pee-roo!

    “Kangaroo farts could fight global warming.” Really, we couldn’t make this shit up.

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  5. Bright future

    Glow and behold, innovators in the field of dance-club neon-stick technology have developed a new material that can stay lit for 12 years. Much like Pete Doherty.

    Photo: MPK Co.