1. Honk if you’re lovemaking

    Think a small, fuel-efficient car will get in the way of your, um, backseat driving? Fear not, sez this guide: size doesn’t matter.

    Photo: Marisa Harris

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  2. Reduce, reuse, ridiculous

    Tomorrow is America Recycles Day, so you can finally get rid of all that paper you’ve been stockpiling. And thanks to this group, all those recyclables can translate into free mayonnaise! Yay!

  3. Turtlenecking

    It’s hard out there for a last-of-his-kind tortoise. Or, as it turns out, not so hard.

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    Photo: putneymark

  4. Thar she blows

    This week’s best headline: “Red Vadge of Courage.” Just edging out “Helicopters Collect Whale Snot from Blowholes.”

  5. Blame Canada!

    Dear Ontario, stop picking on our pal, PickupPal. It’s about — sorry, aboot — time you recognize a Canuck’s right to forced conversation with strangers during long, awkward car rides, eh?

    Photo: thalling55