1. Gloom and doom with a sense of … hey, wait a minute

    Some Grumpy Grumpersteins out there think environmentalism is never funny. TBS aims to prove ’em wrong with Earth to America! — an exclamation-pointed, star-studded night of comedy about the planet’s plight. That bit on new-source review is gonna kill.

  2. Turning Japanese, we really think so

    The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is going to be wicked awesome, and not just for lovers of auto-gadget porn. No fewer than three hydrogen fuel-cell concept cars — from Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes — will debut to the oohs and ahs of bright green hot-rodders who covet clean fuel economy and sexy futurism in equal measure.

    Photo: Honda.

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  3. We await the BeerBringer

    The DishMaker does just what it sounds like: makes dishes. From food-grade, nontoxic acrylic wafers. As many dishes as you need. On demand. And recycles them when you’re done. Between that and Real Dolls, we sense a cultural shift setting in.

  4. Fo’ shizzle, my Nizlek

    This month’s Solar Decathlon in D.C. found students from all over the world building fully solar-powered houses. It rained. Isn’t it ironic? Ross Nizlek was better off building his solar-power system in his dorm room.

    Photo: Virginia Tech.

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  5. Sacré bleu!

    Those madcap French antics! Uh, Freedom antics. One merry band of Frogs moves furtively through the streets of Paris, letting the air out of SUV tires. Another bombards a Vogue editor — a fur-loving “pelt pusher” — with tofu cream pies. We’re Franco-feeling it.

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