1. Goode humor, man

    Meet the Goode Family: an animated caricature of every Whole-Foods-shopping, hybrid-driving, African-orphan-adopting, vegan-dog-having do-gooder you’ve ever met. Wait, what are you looking at us for? Our dog’s pescatarian.

  2. Fleece is the word

    Sheepish about buying wool? Check out baacode, a fleecy-fashion supply-chain tracker that allows ewe to take a virtual tour of the ranch where your sheep was raised. It’s shear genius!

    Photo: icebreaker

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  3. Smell you later

    Worried that global warming will cause a stink at the office? Don’t sweat it!

  4. Twinkle, twinkle, little rock star

    With no Live Earth mega-concerts planned and no more Obama campaign videos to make, what are eco-leaning publicity-seeking musicians to do? Send their DNA into space [PDF], of course. Climate change solved!

  5. And check out those rims

    Pump up the jams while you pump up your tires — these bike sound systems are BMX-cellent.

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    Photo: madeinqueensfilm.com