1. Diff’rent spokes

    While Owen got over his heartbreak by biking to a strip club, bicyclists around the world stripped to show their eco-love. Which gives a whole new meaning to banana seat.

    Photo: Steve Granitz/ WireImage.com

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  2. We failed kindergarten

    This artist installed a phone in a melting glacier, so callers can hear every agonizing drip … drip … drip. This artist draped a peak in red fabric to call attention to its eco-plight. Not to be outdone, we created this masterpiece. We call it “Sad Mountain.”

    Photo: billsaturno via flickr

  3. A trashy novel idea

    In college, Grist’s Fearless Leader carried garbage around to inspire his peers to consume less. Now two Seattle women have followed in his trashy footsteps. Which is cool and all, but really we just wanted an excuse to put up Chuck G’s old-school pic.

  4. Lead, follow, or get onto the screen

    Taking a page from the Big Book of Life After Politics, British PM Tony Blair has made his film debut — in a Bollywood climate-change spoof. Next step: landing one of the leading ladies. Shouldn’t be difficult, you saucy fox.

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    Photo: Chris Young/ Crown

  5. But why do they have five legs?

    Hmm … both Chernobyl and the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea are bustling, biodiverse wildlife havens. It’s almost as if animals do better with fewer people around. No, that can’t be right — who’d take care of Knut?

    Photo: Torbein via flickr

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