1. Sometimes a basin is just a basin

    Personally, we don’t see anything unusual about the shape of this Des Moines, Iowa, water detention basin. Nope, not a thing. But apparently, some locals have started saying it looks like — well, you know. That’s bollocks!

    Photo: Polk County Assessor’s Office.

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  2. It’s not that easy being red

    Say you’ve got a campaign to win — would a lime-green eco-bus get you there? Ahnold’s betting on it. “You don’t see that bus saying, ‘Vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican,'” says the Governator. Ouch.

    Photo: AP/Paul Sakuma.

  3. Book ’em, diver

    Friday night, about to close up shop. Dame walks in, sez her coral reef is dead. Wants to know who’s the scoundrel who dunnit. Can’t resist the gams, so I get my Hello Kitty pencil and laser scooter and head underwater. This time I’m in deep.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

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  4. Honk if you H8XON

    What more is there to say? XONSUX, and this Alaska plate’s been proclaiming it for years. But now the DMV says the message is obscene or offensive — or hell, maybe both — and wants to revoke it. Slick.

    Photo: Bruce Wright.

  5. Photos finished

    This land is your land, this land is my land … this land is frickin’ expensive to maintain, so don’t go thinking you can use it for free. Professionals shooting weddings and other haps at popular national landmarks now have to pony up for a permit. So much for gettin’ hitched on Lincoln’s lap.

    Photo: iStockphoto.

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